Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How Did the Black Death affect people in the Middle Ages?


  1. The black death killed a lot of people obviously. It also scared people and caused poverty because of scared adults not leaving their house.

  2. The Black Death affected many people in the Middle Ages by killing about one third of the population.

  3. The black death affected the Middle Ages not only by killing one third of their population but also putting their economy way down.

  4. The black death wiped out 1/3 of the population and was a transmitted infection... in 2003 more than 2,000 human cases and 800 deaths were reported, most of them coming from Africa, so the plague is still around nowadays and scientists are still trying to think up of a cure!

  5. History and developement of the plague
    The earliest case of the plague was the plague of athens in Greece with the time period of 430 B.C. The plague of athens struck a city that was cworded with with refugees from the countryside, the plague came by sea from merchant ships. It was thought that the infected sailors brought it there. The plague quickly spreaded from the port Piraeus to the larger sorrounding cities.
    A few days later, hundreds fell victim to the plague. at first people would experience a severe headache and redness of the eyes,then they would get inflamations of the tongue, hoarsnes; and a hacking like cough. After that came the servere intestonal upsets, and their temperautures rose. Then at the fevere's hieght the body would break out and develope reddish like spots. Other stages of the disease, was when the victims hallucinate. Those of the victims usuallly perished in seven to nine days after the first symptoms occured
    Doctors in this era didn't know how to treat this mysterious illness. The death rate soon began to rise rapidly. The plague of Athens lasted for about six-months before coming to a standstill. during the plague they estimated over a third of Athens died along with it.
    In another case, which was called The Black Death; it began in october of 1347. A fleet of twelve merchant ships sailed from caffa ,one of the middle eastern ports of the black sea region. The twelve ships Carried the plague through the merchants,the rats and the fleas whom not knowing carried the plague. When the mechant ships arrived most of the passengers were either dead or dying from the disease. The people of the port town was worried along with the higher ranking officails. They left the ships and were ordered not to go into them, but the rats in the boats left and spread the disease.
    The merchants were genoese who were from caffa. They were exposed to the plague in the summer of 1347, then mongolain warriors attacked and trapped them inside the city for several months. The mongolain warriors soon discovered about the plague and then soon withdrawed. shortly after they mongolians retreated the Genoese in caffa also suffered from the disease. The genoese thoght that there best chance of survival was to leave caffa as soon as possible. They soon boarded the twelve merchant ships and set sail towards Italy, not knowing that some of the passengers have the virus.

    The efffects of the plague on daily life in England and throughout Europe

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